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Foot Exercises for Pain-Free Feet

“Her feet are killing her; I call it shoe-icide…” When Fabolous rapped those lyrics in “You Be Killin’ ‘Em,” women everywhere LOL’d to the witty quip, and to the fact that it’s so true. Women will put up with foot pain for a pair of cute shoes.

Foot Exercises

Flip Flops

The following sandals and flip flops have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Additionally, learn how to safely step into summer with 10 Essential APMA Flip-Flop Tips.

Flip Flops

Smoking Can It Affect Bone Healing?

Tobacco use has been associated with many illnesses including heart disease, blood vessel disease, and several forms of cancer. In addition’ research has shown that skin wounds heal slower in people who smoke cigarettes.

Smoking & Bone Healing